If you haven’t caught on my now, I’m a big fan of acronyms.

Acronyms are abbreviated words whose individual letters stand for another word.

The most common one in the investing world from the last few years is FANGs, standing for Facebook, Apple/Amazon, Netflix and Google — aka the tech darlings that the media loves to talk about while ignoring better opportunities.

I have several acronyms of my own, including…

  • #BOP: Bold, Optimistic and Positive! (Good!)
  • #FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt! (Bad!)
  • #STUF: Spotify, Tesla, Uber and Facebook, or my version of the FANGS!
  • #BUZZ: Bitcoin, Uber, Zoom and Zillow
  • #HAPI: HERO (video game ETF), ARKF (Fintech ETF), PRNT (3D printing ETF) and ITB (home construction ETF to capitalize on millennial home buying)

But there’s another acronym I want to discuss that leads me to today’s topic.

It’s one you might have heard especially if you have or are around younger people and children.

It’s called #GOAT. It stands for “greatest of all time.”

We have our own #GOAT within Bold Profits. It’s a man who continues to impress me with each passing year who carries so, so much of the weight here — allowing me to do what I do best and continue to find and communicate new investing opportunities to our subscribers.

It’s my business partner, right-hand man and frankly my undisputed No. 2, Ian Dyer.

Ian and I have been running the show at Bold Profits together for the past four years.

He paid me a huge compliment recently the last time we met, telling me he liked how I never talked down to him, even when I could have.

Instead, I chose to treat him as an equal so he would rise to my level.

He did. Fast.

He’s a far better investor than I was at his age.

And frankly, in certain parts of the market, he’s better than me now, today.

I Needed Help … and I Got the Best

Let me back up a bit…

Back in 2016, our business was growing too fast for me to keep up. This was due to a successful sales promotion we ran that, internally, we call “IoT.” This stands for Internet of Things.

We must have had anywhere between 100,000 and 200,000 buy Profits Unlimited, my entry-level newsletter through this promotion.

And the stock I recommended, STMicroelectronics, was so successful, it shot up so far, so fast its first year that my readers starting DEMANDING more and better access to my insights.

So, my publisher made me start another research service that was more elite … then another … and another.

Pretty soon, there was more demand for me than we had supply. I knew if I didn’t do something quick, I’d burn myself out.

I quickly realized I’d need help, and that’s when I recruited Ian.

Frankly, I didn’t want an old guy who was set in his or her ways.

I needed someone young, sharp, adaptable and positive.

Ian fit the bill.

So, I recruited him, took him under my wing and taught him everything I know. And truthfully, he started teaching me a thing of two.

I have no shame in admitting that Ian was the first one to see the opportunity in bitcoin back in 2017 when I was still extremely skeptical.

But you know what … I liked that.

I didn’t agree with him right away, but he was thinking outside of the box and willing to put money behind “weird” and seemingly futuristic investment ideas that were way ahead of the curve.

It’s around that time I invited Ian to help me co-manage one of my premium stock research services. At the time, this was my most speculative service where we targeted everything from pot and blockchain stocks to new materials like graphene as well as SPACs and other “out there” investments such as foreign stocks!

Ian showed enough promise in this capacity that I also handed over the reins to two separate research services, where we recommend options on the stocks we target in our buy-and-hold services.

And I’m not going to lie and tell you everything was sunshine and roses in the beginning. It wasn’t.

Truthfully, it took a year or two for Ian to find his footing.

When he did, he came out swinging like a heavyweight.

In his most successful options strategy last year he posted a 95% win rate.

He saw one win streak where he closed 34 winning trades in a row.

Then, he turned around after a couple losses than captured another 16 in a row.

That’s 50 winning trades with barely a loss in between them.

And that wasn’t the end.

The Wins Kept Coming…

When Ian and I saw that this crypto bull market was coming hard and fast, we quickly started working on a strategy.

I’m a bit of a workhorse. I wake up early, work long hours, and am willing to toil into the long hours of the night.

Ian is a bit smarter than that. Or maybe he saw something I didn’t…

Because he didn’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, he took the same strategy he uses to trade options and applied it to the crypto market and realized it works just fine.

In fact, better than fine.

It worked … perfectly.

Ian showed me some of the gains he was making in his personal track record and I about fell out of my seat. It was like watching the student begin to surpass the master.

I asked him to go a step further and systemize the strategy for subscribers, and I put him to the test. He conducted an arduous beta test where I made him write out trade alerts and actions to take as if he were sending them to actual subscribers.

He did this for half a year … and over the first five months, this strategy closed 32 straight winning trades with a single closed loss in between them.

In fact, he didn’t close a single loss, period.

So, think about that…

Ian is closing out record win streaks in both options and cryptos … the most speculative assets on earth.

It’s like child’s play to him.

I have watched this man grow so rapidly that I am now setting him loose and letting him run his crypto strategy on his own.

He and I talk every day though. We talk sometimes five or six different times a day. We’re always sharing ideas with each other and frankly, the brainstorming helps both of us. We’re simpatico … a dream team if there ever was one.

Enter the Cryptoverse is an event we’re planning for you that has been four years in the making — the culmination of four years of tracking this market.

But it is also an opportunity for YOU AND I to celebrate how far Ian has come. Please, join me in congratulating him by tuning in Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET.

More tomorrow…